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Our Brand Partners

USC International takes pride in providing the finest sweets and confectionery products to it’s patrons.

Presently, it is one of the leading importer of Sweets and Confectionery products offering the customers an unrivaled choice and exquisite quality. It has a strong, customer-focused approach which continuously endeavours to quench the quest of vegans and vegetarian sweet and candy lovers.

The company’s status quo is maintained by a wide marketing and distribution network, enabling it to build a reputation of strong customer support.



Dragees Hatziyiannakis has 60 years history of producing one of the iconic chocolate dragees coated in sugar of all imaginable colors including real silver. Hatziyiannkis’ Sweet Pebbles – collection of whole natural fruits and nuts coated in premium dark chocolate are just stunning. Everything is perfect there: award-winning design of packaging, chocolate candies that look like real pebbles and exceptional quality and taste.

Hatziyiannakis products can be found in luxury and bright candy buffets on hi-end weddings, corporate parties, baby showers and other remarkable events around the world. Starting this business in 1950 Nikolaos Hatziyiannakis set really high bar making chocolate dreagees to be more piece of art than ordinary treat.



Truede is a natural Turkish Delight luxury confectionery manufacturer since 2003. Their products are made from natural ingredients and authentic recipes that are carried out in the traditional way in Istanbul, Turkey. Their manufacturing site is BRC certified and never compromise on quality and taste and make sure that whatever you choose, you’ll be delighted.

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Our Brand Partners

USC International takes pride in providing the finest stationery and art materials to it’s patrons.

Presently, it is one of the leading importer of Stationery and Fine art materials in the country offering the community an unrivaled choice, reeking of exquisite quality. It has a strong, customer-focused approach which continuously endeavours to quench the quest of writers, pen collectors and art enthusiasts. Directed towards supplying materials worth being lauded, it has become a leading name in the line of business.

The company’s status quo is maintained by a wide marketing and distribution network, enabling it to build a reputation of strong customer support.



Writing Instruments Since 1919 - Made in Italy

Aurora, a leading brand in the production and sale of writing instruments, luxury leather goods, watches and paper, was founded in Turin in 1919.

Throughout its history the company remained strongly linked to the values that have made it an international market leader: the passion for beauty and style, along with a commitment to quality up to the refined detail.


The Verona family, which leads the company, has been involved in writing business for more than four generations. Today Aurora is the only authentic Italian brand in the sector, with its single production plant in Turin.

The company has lead the development of writing instruments as a historical Piedmontese factory, always maintaining the right balance between artisan craftsmanship and technology and creating unique products. Production phases managed by computerized processes come up beside other steps performed according to the traditional methods used by master goldsmiths. The choice of precious metals and materials (gold, silver, mother of pearl, rubies, etc.) makes every pen a real jewel.

The pen (fountain pen, ballpoint pen, roller ball pen, mechanical pencil) has moved on from being a sole functional writing tool, to become an elegant and refined accessory, an unmistakable sign reflecting its owner’s personality, a luxury detail in everyday life.

Aurora is the only company in Italy, and among the few in the world, to produce the nib, the true heart of the pen, thus offering customers the opportunity to choose their own writing style with a view to fine tailoring, as well as creating prestigious limited and numbered editions for collectors from all around the world.



Nibs & Calligraphy Pens - Made in France

Brause & Cie was founded in 1850 in Iserlohn, Germany and started producing high-quality pen nibs in 1895. Its handcrafted nibs are considered amongst the best by calligraphers. They cover every style of writing, drawing and decorative art. Today they offer one of the largest ranges of specialised writing and drawing nibs in the world.



Notebooks & Fine Art Paper

The legacy of values and know-how of numerous generations, Clairefontaine knows how to capitalize on its decades of experience and to continue to innovate from this raw material. Paper is a demanding material and Clairefontaine is well placed to satisfy its customers.

Today, Clairefontaine offers the largest paper range in the market, from the school category to the professional sphere including printing papers for correspondence, fine arts and handicraft activities, etc.

Clairefontaine has invested in sophisticated, modern and sustainable production units. ISO 14001 certification testifies it.



Inks Since 1670 - Made in France

La Societe Herbin, Maitre Cirier a Paris, was established in 1670. Louis XIV, the Sun King, was 32 years old.

Generations of remarkable people, from Louis XIV to Coco Chanel, have used Herbin sealing wax. It is renown as one of the highest quality sealing waxes ever made. Herbin's special lacquer formula improved the quality of the seals in adhesion and neatness, helping him to become famous throughout the kingdom.

The original J. Herbin was a sailor, and from his many journeys to India he brought back to Paris formulas for manufacturing sealing wax and inks.

Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world. "La Perle des Encres" (The Jewel of Inks") was created in 1700. "L'Encre des Vaisseaux" ("Ship's Ink") was produced at an unknown date before then.

In 1798, Jacques Herbin, the 4th generation family scion, relocated the workshop and commercial establishment to Rue des Fosses-Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois in Paris.

It was a time of tumult, discovery and industrialization. The French Revolution was ending, and Napoleon Bonaparte was beginning his ascent. This was also the time when steel nib dip pens began to replace quills for writing.

Herbin continued to develop new inks in the 19th century. They began production of India Ink (also known as Chinese Ink) in 1829. Their violet ink was the everyday color used by students during the Third Republic (1870-1940). Herbin even developed a special black ink just for Victor Hugo, one of the greatest French writers.

Today, Herbin produces a range of beautiful fountain pen and calligraphy inks, writing instruments, gift sets and accessories. Herbin inks are made in France, and the finishing touches on the bottles are still done by hand in Paris.



Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Products made in Japan

MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ are simple, Japan-made products that are designed to get the most out of
our exactingly designed MD PAPER.

We have continued to explore the unique qualities of MD PAPER since the 1960’s in order to continually refine the writing feel that enhances the value of taking pen to paper.

Universal quality can inevitably be found by focusing on the true characteristics of a product. We will continue to redefine and refine MD PAPER through the creation of a wide range of products.



Japanese Stationery Brand since 1950

It is a japanese stationery brand that started with the production of stationery and envelopes in 1950. 

Under the theme of "color for daily life", we continue to develop products that enrich daily life with the power of design.

While focusing on paper products to convey feelings, we are developing stationery in total after design and paper are defined as the area, up to functional stationery that can be enjoyed by using it with paper.

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Diaries & Journals - Made in France

Quo Vadis means - "Where are you going?"

Easily track your time and tasks with our innovative formats.

  • Keep a visual record of your life.

  • Ample space for notes, lists and priorities

  • Monday-Sunday week makes weekend planning easy

  • Tear-off corner opens to week in progress

  • Smooth, pen friendly Clairefontaine paper for a superior writing experience

View your weekly tasks, commitments and priorities clearly and quickly. Know where you're going at a single glance.



Made in France

In 1997, Rhodia was bought by Clairefontaine. The production units were grouped together near Mulhouse and the company Clairefontaine Rhodia was  born.

The Rhodia Orange pad is instantly  recognizable and has come to symbolize the quintessential notepad, the distillation of France's finest stationery know-how. It serves as the matrx  for the development of all the products that a re designed and created today as the company adapts to the  needs of today's mobile, changing daily lifestyles.

Every year Rhodia is selling millions of Made in France stapled pads across 87 countries worldwide. (9).jpg


Fountain Pen Friendly Paper - Made in Japan

A brand of Tomoegawa Co., Ltd. Tomoe River FP is a fine quality smooth paper series for an enhanced writing experience. Japanese Tomoe River FP paper, a favorite among those who love to write and are particular about the quality, is renowned for being incredibly thin and for its velvety smooth texture that performs amazingly well with fountain pens and ink pens. This particular "Tomoe River FP" loose leaf paper is the highest in quality of all Tomoe River paper and other top brand paper available, specially designed for fountain pen users. This premium, artist-grade paper is manufactured and treated for the perfect surface level for fountain pens to glide across smoothly and elegantly leaving you with exceptionally crisp lines. It is super lightweight, at 52 gsm - nearly half the thickness of copy paper. Despite its thinness, Tomoe River high quality paper is resistant to bleeding through and feathering so it can handle a variety of inks and pen nibs. Specially coated on both sides, the ghosting is minimal and you can use both sides of this thin paper. This silky smooth, fountain-pen-friendly writing paper gives you precise ink strokes, beautiful ink shades and crisp lines, so it's perfect for calligraphy practice, letter writing, etc. Neutral pH. Made in Japan.

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Luxury Stationery Brand from Japan

TRAVELER’S COMPANY (TRC) consists of TRAVELER’S notebook, BRASS PRODUCTS, SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK and other related products.

We also own and run the shop TRAVELER’S FACTORY. TRAVELER’S notebook was released with five different types refill in 2006.

A portable Passport Size was released in 2009. BRASS PRODUCTS, and SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK were then introduced as part of  TRAVELER’S notebook in 2010.

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Fountain Pen Inks handmade in Philippines

Vinta Inks are proudly made in the Philippines. Vinta inks have a range of beautiful colours, and each colour has a story to tell, related to the local culture or history. Along with standard inks, there are some amazing sheening and shimmering inks to really give your writing some Filipino flair! Vinta Inks are obsessively designed and meticulously mixed using the finest ingredients.
Vinta, believes that education is one of the most important paths towards poverty alleviation. That is why for every bottle of ink the world purchases, they donate P25.00 to Teach Teach for the Philippines, Inc.  Vintas goal to provide access to quality education for all Filipino children. Help us make the world a more colorful place, one bottle at a time.  These inks are for wordsmithing, hand lettering, writing, calligraphy, drawing, and art.

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Our Brand Partners

USC International takes pride in providing the finest vegan and ethical fashion and lifestyle products to it’s patrons.

Presently, it is one of the leading importer of Vegan Fashion products offering the customers an unrivaled choice and exquisite quality. It has a strong, customer-focused approach which continuously endeavours to quench the quest of vegans and ethical fashion lovers.

The company’s status quo is maintained by a wide marketing and distribution network, enabling it to build a reputation of strong customer support.



LaBante London is a labour of love, born out of a combined love of animals, fashion and the wider planet.

LaBante London started out really small in 2012 but grew from strength to strength as we received so much positive feedback and love from vegans, vegetarians, animal lovers and fashionistas all over the world. As we continued to expand, we had the pleasure of meeting fashion buyers who understood that change was coming and that the future was about ethics and sustainability. Encouraged and inspired, our brand has flourished it’s my promise to you that we will continue to develop beautiful and stunning designs and provide you with a range of vegan accessories all made with love that we hope you will wear with pride!

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